(The Rose: Sculpted and Photographed)

Yuri is pronounced Jü[r]ē – roll the [r] at the tip of your tongue. If you can't roll it, the English pronunciation of "Yuri" is fine :)

I’m a Surinamese-American born and raised in the Bronx. Growing up I was surrounded by street and influential art. I developed an interest in figure drawing and painting which encouraged me to enroll in the high school of Art and Design. After graduating, I continued to expand my artistic knowledge and gain experience. My passion for the Arts led me to obtain an MFA studying Art Direction from Academy of Art University in San Francisco. By day I work as a Web Designer and by night, a passionate Photographer. My design aesthetic is clean and simple. My pieces tend to portray “SOUL,” an inner emotion expressed through fine art and design. My photos capture light and shadow by revealing the message between them.