Yuri Darius


Art is an expression from the soul.

(The Rose: Sculpted and Photographed)

Yuri is pronounced Jü[r]ē – roll the [r] at the tip of your tongue. If you can't roll it, Judy or the English pronunciation of "Yuri" is fine :)

I’m a Surinamese-American born and raised in the Bronx. Growing up I was surrounded by graffiti and influential art. I developed an interest in figure drawing and painting which encouraged me to enroll in the high school of Art and Design. After graduating, I continued to expand my artistic knowledge and gain experience. My passion for the Arts led me to obtain an MFA from Academy of Art University in San Francisco. By day I work as a Web Designer and by night, a passionate Photographer. In each photograph I tend to portray “SOUL,” an inner emotion expressed through fine art and human body. My photos capture light and shadow by revealing the message between them in a monochromatic style.